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Staying healthy and immunized is a lifelong process. Are you fully protected?

You may be looking for your yearly flu shot, need specific travel vaccines, or want to ensure that your child or teenager has the recommended vaccines for infants, children or teenagers.

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Infants and Children

Immunization with vaccines for children and infants can help your child avoid a variety of preventable diseases, and also protect the health of your neighbours' children and community as a whole...   Continue

Teenagers and Adults

Help your teenagers make a safe transition into adulthood. Making sure your vaccines are up to date will help you maintain immunity against a range of contagious diseases that used to be common.   Continue

Adults Over 50

Staying healthy is a lifelong process, and keeping your immunizations up to date is one easy step towards achieving that goal. Vaccines for adults over 50 years of age must be tailored according to your individual risks related to occupation, travel plans, health status, lifestyle and age. Don't assume that vaccinations you received in childhood provide life-long protection; many of these vaccines require maintenance.   Continue


Planning a trip outside Canada? Allow several months to get your Travel Vaccines in order. There is no single immunization schedule for administering travel vaccines for the tourism industry or travellers. Travel vaccines are personalized according to your immunization history, the countries you will visit and other factors. Contact your health care provider or travel medicine clinic for a pleasant and safe trip.   Continue


Look out for the flu and pneumococcal diseases, which can be contracted each season. The influenza virus circulates around the world year-round, bringing flu to millions of Canadians each year. With each new flu season (November to April) comes the risk of exposure to different strains of influenza. Luckily, a new flu vaccine is developed each year to protect against those specific influenza strains...  Continue