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Healthcare Professionals – Resources Page

Welcome to the healthcare professionals resources page.
This page consists of some useful immunization & vaccines links to assist you in your day to day practice.

Immunization and vaccine awareness materials

  • Poster: Be a champion
  • Poster: Boost your power
  • Infographic
  • Video: Vaccination: Are we there yet?

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Vaccines411 article:

RSV: New protection against an old illness

As we move toward fall and the season of coughs and sniffles, healthcare providers are bracing for an uptick in viral infections. Along with seasonal colds and flu, comes respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, a respiratory tract infection that typically affects young children and older adults.1

And like last fall, we’re expecting a resurgence in COVID-19 cases as more people gather indoors – raising concerns that another tripledemic of influenza, COVID-19, as well as RSV will put Canadians – especially younger and older patients – at risk of serious illness.2  

The highly contagious RSV virus – first ...  Read more

An ounce of prevention: Counselling your traveling patients

Are your patients savvy travellers?
For many Canadians, a trip to a faraway destination is a thrill of a lifetime. Many are not thinking of the diseases they may be exposed to in their travels – from polio to diarrhea – or the protective measures they could take to avoid having illness interrupt their holiday.

Increasing international travel has meant greater risks of travel-related illnesses. When patients are planning a trip, physicians are advised to perform a risk assessment to identify individual traveller-, itinerary-, and destination-specific risks.1 ...  Read more

COVID-19 Thank you

Useful links:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): For health professionals

For health professionals: Flu (influenza)

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine 2018-2019

CDC – Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

CDC – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention: Travelers’ Health

CDC – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention: Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit

Immunizations: Bringing Newcomer Children Up to Date – Caring for Kids New to Canada

World Immunization Chart: Required and recommended immunizations for all countries, and specific immunizations for selected groups of travellers and persons on working assignments

CPS : Canadian Paediatric Society – links to position statements and practice points

ICID: International Centre for Infectious Diseases

Immunization Action Coalition – link to information for immunization providers

Immunize Canada – Healthcare Providers Page

National Advisory Committee on Immunization - NACI makes recommendations for the use of vaccines currently or newly approved for use in humans in Canada

Public Health Agency of Canada – Immunization Tools and Resources

Regulations of Vaccines for Human Use in Canada

SOGC: The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - Immunization in Pregnancy

Brochure: Are Your Immunizations Up-To-Date?

World Health Organization – Vaccines

World Health Organization – Immunization


Québec Specific:

Ministry of Health and Social Services


Ontario Specific:

Immunizations (vaccines) – Public Health Ontario


BC Specific:

Immunization Clinical Resources – BC CDC


Manitoba Specific:

Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors - Communicable Disease Control, Immunization Program Manual for Immunization Providers in Manitoba (January 2014)


Winnipeg Specific:

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority – Regional Immunization Manual


Alberta Specific:

Alberta Immunization Policy


Newfoundland Specific:

Newfoundland Labrador Department of Health and Community Service – Communicable Disease Control Information for Health Professionals


New Brunswick Specific:

New Brunswick Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health - Immunization Program Guide



This list of resources is in no way complete, if you have a resource link which should be included on this page please contact us at ac.114seniccav@troppus.