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Staying healthy and immunized is a lifelong process.

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Welcome to Vaccines411.ca, Canada's Vaccine Clinic Directory. Here at Vaccines411.ca, you will find an extensive list of clinics offering immunizations across Canada, along with reliable information about a wide range of vaccinations. It's easy. Simply enter your postal code and choose your category to locate the vaccinating clinic closest to you.

Outdoor Safety is in the Spotlight

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Plan the best staycation this summer

The summer of 2020 will go down as one of the strangest ones in history yet. Instead of bathing suit tan lines, the lower half of our faces sport pale mask-shaped shadows. Pool parties and BBQs have evolved into socially distant clusters of couples eating kebab off plastic plates and drinking mango cocktails out of red Solo cups.

These aren’t the summers we may remember from our past, but if we’ll all still be home over the next few months, here’s what you need to know to make this year’s staycation an overall success...  Read more

Vaccine News

Vaccines: the science of prevention

Vaccines play a key role early on in our lives. As children, our parents cuddled us reassuringly as we received a quick injection at the pediatrician’s, desperate to distract us from impending pain. There may have also been promises of ice cream in exchange for avoiding the inevitable tantrum that would far surpass the time spent in the doctor’s care. All jokes aside, though, in our first months and years of life, vaccines contributed to ensuring our likelihood of infant survival.

Back to the beginning: understanding vaccines

Vaccines help our immune systems block potential attacks from...  Read more

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Stay Safe - Be Prepared

Stay Safe - Be Prepared

For the health of your family and your community

While self-quarantining and physical distancing are no easy tasks for any of us, they are necessary sacrifices for the greater good. We all want our healthcare system to be available to us and those we care about when we need medical care...   Read more

An ounce of prevention...

An ounce of prevention...

Sherry and her family had been looking forward to their Caribbean holiday for months. When they finally arrived, the first thing they did was stop for a bite to eat and some lemonade. The next day, the family was preparing to go sightseeing, and that’s when it hit. Sherry started having stomach cramps and sweating profusely, and the next thing she knew she was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes with diarrhea...   Read more

Herd Immunity; Be Part of the Solution

Herd Immunity; Be Part of the Solution

Getting vaccinated protects you and others you care about. Older and wiser! That old aphorism is repeated throughout our adult lives for good reason.

Experience really is the best teacher. Sharing our experiences and leading by example can help the younger generations. Staying up to date with your vaccinations is a great way to model healthy behavior....   Read more

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