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Welcome to Vaccines411.ca, Canada's Vaccine Clinic Directory. Here at Vaccines411.ca, you will find an extensive list of clinics offering immunizations across Canada, along with reliable information about a wide range of vaccinations. It's easy. Simply enter your postal code and choose your category to locate the vaccinating clinic closest to you.

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Considering Virtual Care – One upside of COVID-19?

Considering a vacation away? Even prior to the pandemic, planning to travel outside Canada often inspired people to consult their physician to have a check-up, or find out about vaccinations they might need for their destination.

These days, checking in with your doctor for routine checkups may be easier than ever before, thanks to increasing use of telemedicine in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Telemedicine is any type of health care delivered virtually, via live video exchange, phone calls or texts. While the infrastructure and processes to allow virtual consultations are still being developed, many experts...  Read more

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Vaccines: the science of prevention

Vaccines play a key role early on in our lives. As children, our parents cuddled us reassuringly as we received a quick injection at the pediatrician’s, desperate to distract us from impending pain. There may have also been promises of ice cream in exchange for avoiding the inevitable tantrum that would far surpass the time spent in the doctor’s care. All jokes aside, though, in our first months and years of life, vaccines contributed to ensuring our likelihood of infant survival.

Back to the beginning: understanding vaccines

Vaccines help our immune systems block potential attacks from...  Read more

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Snowbirds, Take Flight: COVID-19 Considerations for Travelling Seniors

Snowbirds, Take Flight: COVID-19 Considerations for Travelling Seniors

With winter upon us, people are desperate to get away, and who can blame them? It’s been nearly two years since they travelled last! And though we can empathize with their need for adventure and sense of wonder, travel conditions during COVID-19 are not nearly as optimal as we’d like them to be. If we’re being really, really honest, they’re even less optimal for travellers in the 65+ age group. The truth is that all people of all ages are recommended to stay home right now...   Read more

Ready for another flu season?

Ready for another flu season?

Now that we are coming out of lockdown after more than a year of COVID-19 concerns, we may be better prepared to face the next flu season.

Although we enjoyed very low rates of influenza infection during last year’s flu season – thanks primarily to our new mask-wearing, social distancing practices – this is no time to let down our guards (or our masks)...   Read more

Fun in the sun: Immunizations to consider for a safe summer

Fun in the sun: Immunizations to consider for a safe summer

With most Canadian provinces trading in their red status for green, high rates of COVID-19 vaccination rates are teasing freedom we haven’t had in almost two years! All this in time for summer, too, when terraces swell with thirsty patrons, parks fill will happy, playful families, and backyard BBQs become a weekend standard...   Read more

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