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Outdoor Safety is in the Spotlight

Fun in the sun: Immunizations to consider for a safe summer


With most Canadian provinces trading in their red status for green, high rates of COVID-19 vaccination rates are teasing freedom we haven’t had in almost two years! All this in time for summer, too, when terraces swell with thirsty patrons, parks fill will happy, playful families, and backyard BBQs become a weekend standard.

The forecast for this summer calls for lots of catching up with important people, followed by a bunch of outdoor activity. Even though green usually means “go”, we would encourage readers to continue to err on the side of caution! Integrate immunizations into your plans this summer to make...  Read more

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Vaccines: the science of prevention

Vaccines play a key role early on in our lives. As children, our parents cuddled us reassuringly as we received a quick injection at the pediatrician’s, desperate to distract us from impending pain. There may have also been promises of ice cream in exchange for avoiding the inevitable tantrum that would far surpass the time spent in the doctor’s care. All jokes aside, though, in our first months and years of life, vaccines contributed to ensuring our likelihood of infant survival.

Back to the beginning: understanding vaccines

Vaccines help our immune systems block potential attacks from...  Read more

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Routine Vaccinations for Adults - Keeping your family safe during the pandemic

Routine Vaccinations for Adults - Keeping your family safe during the pandemic

Think grownups don’t need to keep up on their routine vaccinations?

Think again! The protection offered by routine childhood vaccinations against common diseases doesn’t last forever – booster doses are often needed to help ensure we can avoid infection.

Staying strong and healthy is especially important as we weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you have aging...   Read more

Immunizations to consider when starting a family during COVID-19

Immunizations to consider when starting a family during COVID-19

To say the last year has changed life as we knew it is an understatement. Think of all the ways we’ve had to adjust socially as a result: the muted dating scene, the postponed weddings, the uncelebrated engagements, the balcony baby showers. Despite confinement, humans have nevertheless found ways to celebrate progress, and yes, that means starting a new family, too! Sure, ultrasounds and routine exams usually leave expecting parents to videocall each other from the examination room to the car, but if these last few months have taught us anything at all, it’s that life very much goes on...   Read more

Routine Vaccinations - Keeping kids safe in a not-so-routine time

Routine Vaccinations - Keeping kids safe in a not-so-routine time

As we navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping your family safe has never been so important. Infection control restrictions such as physical distancing, hand washing, and wearing face masks can help reduce transmission of many infectious diseases, but keeping our communities healthy is more vital than ever. Ensuring that your children’s routine vaccinations are up to date helps protect the young, the elderly, and the medically vulnerable as well as our front-line workers and first responders...   Read more

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