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Child immunization is in the Spotlight

Pregnancy and COVID-19

Looking forward to starting a family, or having another child? The COVID-19 pandemic adds some concerns around getting pregnant, and keeping mom and baby safe. Some prospective parents may worry that vaccination to help protect against COVID-19 will affect their fertility, or the course of a pregnancy. There is no evidence that vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines - none of which contain live virus - cause fertility problems in females or males, notes the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and several professional medical associations.1

In fact, the CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccination and boosters for people who are pregnant, breast-feeding, and those who may...  Read more

COVID-19 Resources

Vaccine News

Attention travelers!

Government of Canada lightens border measures as part of transition of the pandemic response.  Read the official news release.

As of February 28, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. EST:

  • Fully vaccinated travelers will only be randomly selected for arrival testing, and have the option of using a rapid antigen test result before a scheduled flight.
  • Children under 12 years old travelling with fully vaccinated adults will continue to be exempt from quarantine.
  • Unvaccinated travelers will continue to be required to test on arrival, on Day 8 and quarantine for 14 days.
  • Government recommendations to avoid non-essential travel are officially lifted.

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The powerful effect of sleep on immunity

Somebody needs to say it: we could all use a few more minutes of sleep! Whether it’s going to bed too late, having trouble falling or staying asleep, or not sleeping nearly long enough, there could be many reasons why you’re not catching enough z’s. Too much screen time pre-sleep, a late afternoon coffee to “wake up”, and an emotional weight keeping slumber at arm’s length could all be possible culprits. The well-rested among us are always touting the health benefits of a full night’s sleep, and with good reason: sufficient, consistent sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining and building the body’s immunity...  Read more

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