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Travel is in the Spotlight

An ounce of prevention...

Sherry and her family had been looking forward to their Caribbean holiday for months. When they finally arrived, the first thing they did was stop for a bite to eat and some lemonade. The next day, the family was preparing to go sightseeing, and that’s when it hit. Sherry started having stomach cramps and sweating profusely, and the next thing she knew she was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes with diarrhea.

A reported 98% of travellers will make a food or drink error within the first few days of arriving at a foreign destination.1 And that can result in traveller’s diarrhea – most often caused by consuming food or water contaminated with bacteria called enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC). Germs that cause ...  Read more

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Herd Immunity; Be Part of the Solution

Herd Immunity; Be Part of the Solution

Getting vaccinated protects you and others you care about. Older and wiser! That old aphorism is repeated throughout our adult lives for good reason.

Experience really is the best teacher. Sharing our experiences and leading by example can help the younger generations. Staying up to date with your vaccinations is a great way to model healthy behavior....   Read more

What is FLU DRIFT?
and how does it affect our seasonal flu vaccine?

What is FLU DRIFT?

About the flu

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza A and influenza B viruses. Every year, several strains of seasonal flu circulate, causing hospitalizations in an estimated 12,000 Canadians, and 3,500 deaths...   Read more

Meningitis – Get the facts

What is FLU DRIFT?

Bacterial and viral infections are the most common causes of meningitis. Infection with the meningococcus bacterium causes invasive meningococcal disease (IMD), which can result in disability and even death.1 Meningitis due to a viral infection can be serious but is rarely life threatening. Most people recover within 5 to 10 days...   Read more

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