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Vaccine News Archive

December 19 - JN.1 is now a COVID-19 variant of interest, WHO says

December 6 - Montreal doctors urge parents to keep kids away from crowded ERs if they can

December 5 - Health Canada approves updated Novavax vaccine to protect against COVID-19

October 25 - With the colder months upon us, WHO/Europe launches new platforms to track and share real-time data on respiratory viruses

October 19 - Health-care workers on edge as number of Albertans hospitalized with COVID-19 doubles.

October 2 - Nobel in medicine goes to 2 scientists whose work enabled creation of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19

N/A - Canadians' level of vaccine fatigue has pharmacists worried heading into cold and flu season

September 14 - Ontario proposes letting pharmacists prescribe flu meds, give RSV vaccines

September 6 - Moderna says updated COVID-19 vaccine is effective against newer variant BA.2.86

September 3 - Early lab tests suggest new COVID-19 variant BA.2.86 may be less contagious and less immune-evasive than feared

August 4 - Health Canada approves 1st RSV vaccine for adults age 60 and over

July 25 - Public health experts excoriate Canada Covid response and call for inquiry

July 19 - Asymptomatic COVID-19 is linked to a gene variant that boosts immune memory after exposure to prior seasonal cold viruses

July 10 -Upgraded Lyme Disease Vaccine Promising in Phase I Results

June 27 - IAVI starts first-in-human Phase I clinical trial of single-dose Sudan virus vaccine candidate

June 23 - All the immunity, none of the symptoms. Salk scientists discover that pairing disease-causing bacteria with dietary interventions creates long-term immunity in mice

June 21 - Pfizer Warns of Shortage of Injectable Antibiotics for Children and Pregnant People

June 10 - Common, inexpensive diabetes drug could cut long COVID risk, study find

May 31 - CAMH study confirms ongoing brain inflammation associated with long COVID

May 23 - How the World Health Organizations could fight future pandemics

May 17 - FDA panel to vote on the first RSV vaccine for infants, administered to pregnant mothers

March 14 - Government of Canada establishes a new research hub at the University of Toronto to accelerate Canada’s vaccine and therapeutics production.

February 24 - Moderna/Merck’s skin cancer therapy given FDA breakthrough therapy designation

February 23 - Study highlights COVID-19 vaccine safety among children

February 17 - Marburg virus outbreak: researchers race to test vaccines

February 15 - Mixed results for Moderna mRNA flu vaccine trial

February 9 - Vaxxas Initiates Phase I Clinical Study of First Needle-Free, Inactivated Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Quadrivalent (IIV4) Delivered Using High-Density Microarray Patch (HD-MAP)

February 8 - Cleveland Clinic Announces Next Step in Preventive Breast Cancer Vaccine Study

January 30 - Scientists Develop a Cancer Vaccine to Simultaneously Kill and Prevent Brain Cancer

January 26 - Early data from AC Immune Alzheimer's vaccine suggest a response, setting up next phase of study

January 20 - UCalgary and WHO researchers find hybrid immunity is the best protection against COVID-19

January 19 - Inhaled Canadian COVID-19 vaccine to enter Phase 2 human trials

January 18 - Health Canada accepts nirsevimab regulatory submission for infant RSV

January 17 - WHO announces plans to establish a TB Vaccine Accelerator council

January 6 - Experimental cancer vaccine both treats and prevents brain cancer in mice

January 6 - Three-Dose Malaria Vaccine Shows Safety and Efficacy

January 2 - Study demonstrates the benefits of vaccination and boosting in reducing COVID-19 transmission

December 26 - The virus behind COVID-19 is mutating and immune-evasive. Here's what that means

December 22 - Researchers make important progress toward a possible universal flu vaccine

December 22 - Cancer vaccines are showing promise. Here’s how they work.

December 13 - Merck, Moderna detail potential skin cancer vaccine progress

December 9 - Health Canada authorizes the Pfizer-BioNTech Omicron BA.4/BA.5 bivalent-adapted COVID-19 booster for children 5 to 11 years of age

December 7 - Study: Experimental HIV Vaccine Induces Immune Response

December 2 - Alzheimer's vaccine: Nasal spray trial shows promise, researchers say

November 24 - New mRNA vaccine targeting all known flu strains shows early promise

November 24 - Health Canada reviews RSV vaccine candidate as cases spike across country

November 21 - Dementia vaccines: What are they, and when could they become available?

November 21 - Western University is building Canada's secret weapon against the next pandemic

November 14 - A novel mRNA-based vaccine candidate against the rabies virus

November 12 - Moderna is banking on a combined COVID, flu and RSV vaccine. Will it work?

November 3 - Health Canada authorizes second bivalent COVID-19 booster targeting the Omicron BA.4/5 variants

November 2 - Canadian study shows flu vaccine can help prevent stroke

November 1 - New RSV vaccines are coming. This is very, very good news.

November 1 - New Montreal clinic will be part of Quebec network studying long COVID-19, Lyme disease

October 24 - Covid-19 vaccine study links side effects with greater antibody response

October 19 - Approval of AstraZeneca’s Evusheld COVID treatment in Canada is ‘good news,’ experts say

October 19 - Cancer vaccine could become available by 2030, scientists behind COVID jab say

October 18 - Researchers speed efforts for vaccine against virus linked with mono, MS

October 10 - The first malaria vaccine is here. Let’s meet the moment

October 7 - Pfizer and BioNTech's Omicron BA.4/BA.5-Adapted Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Receives Health Canada Authorization for Individuals 12 Years of Age and Older

October 3 - Government of Canada announces funding for advancements in mRNA vaccine technology at the University of British Columbia

October 3 - Monkeypox studies suggest ways to reduce viral spread

September 22 - Long COVID-19 linked with autoimmune diseases, Canadian study shows

September 21 - Scientists test new vaccine strategy to help the body target HIV

September 20 - Danish monkeypox vaccine maker widens deal with Canada

September 19 - Canadian scientists made life-saving contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic

September 9 - Health Canada authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children six months to four years of age

September 8 - New malaria vaccine shows strong protection in global fight against deadly disease

September 1 - Health Canada authorizes first bivalent COVID-19 booster, doses to start arriving Friday

August 29 - No link between COVID-19 vaccination and preterm births or stillbirths: study

August 22 - UBC researchers say they've found 'weak spot' in all COVID-19 variants that could lead to better treatment

August 18 - Moderna to supply 12M doses of Omicron-targeted COVID shot to Canada

August 15 - Moderna says vaccine facility in Montreal suburb could be operational by end of 2024

August 14 - Lyme disease vaccine: Pfizer, Valneva launch trials for first shot in 20 years

August 10 - Canadian pharmaceutical innovators collaborating to produce monkeypox vaccine

August 9 - New Study Confirms Typhoid Vaccine Safety, Immune Response in Children

July 21 - Pfizer announces PREVNAR 20™ (pneumococcal 20-valent conjugate vaccine) is now available in Canada for the prevention of pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal disease in adults 18 years of age and older

July 19 - Nasal vaccines may stop Covid infections. Will we get them soon?

July 15 - GSK welcomes agreement with the Government of Canada for the provision of pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccines

July 14 - Health Canada approves 1st COVID-19 vaccine for youngest kids

July 12 - Urgent call for better use of existing vaccines and development of new vaccines to tackle AMR

July 7 - The next stage in the battle against COVID-19: bivalent vaccines

July 6 -Research highlights importance of designing effective COVID vaccine allocation strategies

June 28 - Trial of potential universal flu vaccine opens at NIH Clinical Center

June 28 - Sask. vaccine manufacturing facility the first of its kind in Canada

June 17 - Measuring COVID-19 antibody levels could soon be done with a simple test: study

June 17 - Canada expected to finish review of first COVID-19 shot for youngest kids in weeks

May 25 - Pfizer to offer low cost meds and vaccines to 45 developing countries

May 25 - Valneva Successfully Completes Lot-to-Lot Consistency Trial for its Single-Shot Chikungunya Vaccine Candidate

May 19 - WHO validates 11th vaccine for COVID-19

May 9 - COVID-19 vaccine makers shift focus to boosters

May 2 - COVID-19 vaccination highly effective in individuals with immune-related inflammatory diseases

April 28 - Moderna expects to seek Canadian approval of COVID-19 vaccine for children under 6 'shortly'

April 25 - New variants will fuel COVID pandemic unless global vaccine rate rises: Gavi, UNICEF

April 25 - Being with unvaccinated people increases COVID-19 risk for those who are vaccinated: modelling study

April 16 - Omicron-specific Sinopharm, Sinovac COVID vaccine candidates cleared for clinical trial

April 13 - Getting a meningitis vaccine might provide some protection against gonorrhea, studies say

April 11 - Health Canada Approves GARDASIL®9 (Human Papillomavirus 9-valent Vaccine, Recombinant) for the Prevention of Oropharyngeal and Other Head and Neck Cancers

April 3 - It’s time for new tools to boost uptake of third doses, child vaccination: experts

March 24 - Development of a Sugar-Based Vaccine for Melioidosis

March 23 - Moderna says vaccine results for kids under 6 are encouraging, will file for authorization soon

March 14 - Virologist leads attempt to develop coronavirus nasal spray vaccine

March 8 - WHO now ‘strongly supports’ broad access to COVID-19 boosters

March 7 - Moderna to set up mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility in Kenya

February 24 - Medicago's homegrown, plant-based COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada

February 23 - Protein-based COVID vaccine approved for use in Canada

February 17 - WHO announces second hub to help lower income countries produce COVID vaccines

February 11 - FDA authorizes new antibody drug that targets Omicron COVID-19 variant

January 25 - Pfizer opens study of COVID-19 shots updated to match Omicron variant

January 22 - Pfizer CEO sees annual COVID-19 vaccine rather than frequent boosters

January 17 - First at-home COVID-19 antiviral prescription drug authorized by Health Canada

January 12 - The latest in the COVID-19 vaccine race - Gavi

January 10 - Immune Biosolutions reports that its lead immunotherapy product IBIO123 neutralizes 100% of the SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VOCs), including Omicron

January 2 - Sotrovimab COVID-19 drug: A look at how it’s being used to combat Omicron in Canada

December 28 - Scientists identify antibodies that can neutralize Omicron variant

December 20 - EU approves 5th COVID-19 vaccine for bloc, one by Novavax

December 7 - Canada's first homegrown COVID-19 vaccine shows high efficacy

December 7 - Human trials to begin on made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine you inhale, not inject

December 3 - Canada secures orders of Merck, Pfizer COVID-19 antiviral pills

November 28 - Moderna says Omicron COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by early 2022

November 19 - Covid: Canada authorises Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11

November 16 - Pfizer asks FDA to approve its experimental antiviral pill for COVID-19

November 16 - Health Canada receives Moderna's child COVID-19 vaccine proposal for authorization

September 18 - Scientists studying whether it's possible to grow, eat mRNA vaccines

August 26 - Moderna completes submission for full FDA approval of COVID-19 vaccine; Pfizer seeks approval for booster dose

August 19 - Chikungunya Vaccine First to Succeed in Phase III Trial

August 17 - More pharmacy vaccines could allow docs to take on thousands of new patients, researcher says

August 4 - Calls are growing for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines in health workers. Here’s what we know

June 29 - Canadian researchers discover 'spider web' mechanism that can trap, kill viruses

June 25 - McMaster researchers, biotech firm team up to create vaccine strips that 'dissolve in your mouth'

May 5 - Children 12 and older now cleared to receive Pfizer vaccine: Health Canada

May 5 - Canada working with G20 partners to develop standard ‘vaccine certification’

March 31 - Made-in-Canada vaccines: Canada injects millions in future Sanofi plant

March 27 - COVID-19 vaccines may require regular updates until infections die down, study suggests

March 23 - Seqirus Ready to Reinforce Canada's Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plans

April 29 - Government of Canada funds two new projects to encourage vaccine uptake in Canada

February 28 - mRNA vaccine technology could be used to protect against other deadly diseases: experts

February 27 - Bird flu outbreak prompts warning about future pandemics

February 25 - Quebec plans 'immunity passports' as thousands sign up for vaccine appointments

February 21 - The pros and cons of online booking portals for COVID-19 vaccines once mass immunization begins

February 13 - Pharmacies ready to help administer COVID-19 vaccines across Canada, association says

February 8 - The roots of Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine shortage go back decades

February 2 - Canada inks deal to produce millions of COVID-19 shots domestically

December 3 - Vaccine Technologies Market 2018 Product Type, Application/End Industries, Manufactures and Forecast 2026

December 3 - Global Vaccines & Vaccination Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025

December 3 - Latest growth report on H1N1 Vaccines Market 2019-2025 with Future Growth Factors and Top players Analysis- Abbott Healthcare, CSL Biotherapeutiscs, ID Biomedical Corporation

November 19 - ‘Serial’ flu shots still better than none at all: researchers

November 19 - Next vaccination bill won’t back down from dropping non-medical exemptions, Cardy says

November 13 - Mandatory vaccination bill will return with changes, says Higgs

November 4 - FDA Approves Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine for Older Adults

November 3 - Industry looking at more efficient ways to distribute flu shots

September 29 - Flu forecast 2019: Here’s what to expect from this year’s flu season

September 28 - If the U.S. loses its measles elimination status, could Canada be next?

September 24 - Recent ‘awful’ flu seasons may have spurred vaccine uptake, pharmacist says

September 20 - Handwashing vs. hand sanitizer: Which one is better at killing flu virus?

September 20 - Why patients are caught in the middle of the battle over how to treat Lyme disease

September 19 - Flu vaccines could be delayed this fall, but BCCDC is confident it won’t affect immunization

September 12 - Oral Vaccines Market: Moving Towards Brighter Future

September 6 - Better, longer-lasting flu vaccine to be developed at OHSU

August 26 - How an Ebola research project could help combat vaccine disinformation in Canada

August 26 - Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of vaccination against herpes zoster in Canada: a modelling study

August 12 - Statistical growth report on Influenza Vaccines Market Analysis, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2025

August 12 - Vaccines & Vaccination Market 2019 Global Emerging Trends – Abbott, AstraZeneza, Bavarian Nordic, Novartis, Bharat Biotech

August 8 - Canadian children at greater risk of asthma, Lyme disease due to climate change: OPHA

August 8 - HIV self-testing kits for blood examined for licensing in Canada

July 29 - Work on potential HIV vaccine to accelerate thanks to new cutting-edge Western University facility

July 24 - Drug-resistant malaria spreading in Southeast Asia

July 19 - HIV research at Montreal institute gets $6-million boost

July 17 - WHO declares Ebola outbreak an international public health emergency

July 15 - Commentary: Making vaccine education a critical part of the patient conversation

June 11 - Canadian employers underestimate the presence of chronic disease in the workforce

June 4 - World-renowned Vancouver doctor to oversee $20M in research funding

May 21 - New made-in-Canada technique could revolutionize vaccine transportation

May 21 - McMaster University researchers invent way to store vaccines at higher temperatures

May 20 - MilliporeSigma Joins TRANSVAC2 Program to Advance Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

May 5 - Public health gets new digital view of infectious disease outbreaks and vaccines

March 4 - Yet another study finds no link between MMR vaccine and autism

February 12 - Toronto researchers discover how immune cells use neurochemicals to fight infection

February 10 - Seniors can now choose from different types of flu shot. Here's what's available in N.L.

February 5 - Flu vaccines in short supply in Nova Scotia

January 20 - Anti-vaccination views among top threats to global health: WHO – CTV News

January 16 - Understanding this flu season's high numbers

December 5 - Challenge of vaccine delivery in remote areas topic at Canadian conference

December 4 - Quebec’s change to HPV vaccine program divides experts

November 30 - Bringing immunization records into the digital age

November 5 - Hepatitis A, B and other travel vaccines facing shortages across Canada

August 20 - Is it time to bring back the Lyme disease vaccine?

August 20 - New measles cases in Europe hit record high

August 20 - Most doctors aren't discussing meningitis B vaccine as college outbreaks continue

August 16 - Having to pay for your own shingles vaccine isn’t ageism, tribunal rules

August 15 - At least 107 measles cases confirmed across 21 states

August 13 - Hepatitis B vaccine shortage hits Edmonton travel clinics

August 8 - Think you’re too old for the HPV vaccine? Think again, say experts

August 2 - Child becomes first human case of West Nile virus in Manitoba this year

August 1 - 'We will fight this one as we did the last': Congo announces new Ebola outbreak

July 31 - B.C. parents urged to check immunization records of young children from China after Chinese vaccine recall

July 16 - Mother whose daughter died of meningitis warns others to get vaccinated

July 5 - Whooping cough cases confirmed in the North

June 15 - Canadian children should get vaccinated for hepatitis B at birth, experts say

June 4 - The Economics of Vaccines

June 1 - How to increase childhood vaccination rates

May 27 - No link between HPV vaccine, increased risk of autoimmune disorder, study finds

May 22 - How the new Ebola vaccine was made in Canada

May 17 - High-dose flu vaccine coming for seniors in care this fall

May 14 - WHO to use experimental Ebola vaccine to fight Congo outbreak

May 9 - Tick forecast 2018: Experts predict more Lyme disease in Canada

May 7 - The incredibly frustrating reason there’s no Lyme disease vaccine

May 7 - Federal investment helps bring vaccine manufacturing facility to Saskatoon

May 7 - Toronto Public Health warns of measles risk on 2 flights, hospital ward

April 26 - Vaccine-preventable diseases could come roaring back as adults are neglecting their shots, Canadian study says

April 24 - BC scientist one step closer to developing syphilis vaccine

April 23 - Kids Boost Immunity and UNICEF encourage Canadian students to “Act Local to Vaccinate Global”

April 23 - Government of Canada invests in projects to improve vaccination rates in Canada

April 13 - Immunization made us healthy. Vigilance can keep us healthy.

March 27 - Improved vaccine hopes to protect the public from Hepatitis B

March 22 - Tuberculosis in Canada: Over 1,700 people diagnosed in 2016

March 20 - Shingles is Nasty, And The New Vaccine Works Well. Why Do Adults Avoid Shots?

March 19 - Pregnant women should get vaccinated, say doctors

March 19 - Manitoba school boards vote against push to have all school children vaccinated

March 7 - New vaccine targets pneumonia, blood poisoning, meningitis among children in Canada’s North

January 1 - ‘This is a game-changer’: New shingles vaccine dramatically improves protection

December 15 - Flu season could be ‘serious’ according to health officials

December 4 - Nationwide vaccine shortages could cause trouble for travellers

November 28 - Safety update of HPV Vaccines

November 8 - Edmonton student diagnosed with diphtheria, city’s first case in a decade

November 2 - Fewer flu shot clinics in Winnipeg this year, but uptake remains steady: health authority

October 28 - Scientists aim to eradicate pneumonia with better vaccine

October 16 - UBC researchers pull paper linking vaccine component to autism after data alleged to be manipulated

October 13 - SHINGRIX approved in Canada as the first non-live adjuvanted vaccine to help protect against shingles

October 13 - Needling continues over who should give flu shots

October 25 - Manitobans encouraged by health officials to get free flu shots

October 13 - Vaccine being developed to help fight cocaine addiction

October 10 - Free flu shots now available to Islanders

September 5 - Manitoba introduces new flu vaccine for personal care home residents

August 29 - Why Some Parents Are Scared of Vaccines

Jyly 19 - Health regions rationing yellow fever vaccines due to shortage

Jyly 12 - Measles alert: Vaccinate your kids before heading to Europe as outbreak spreads

July 7 - Rabies outbreak prompts vaccine air drop in Eastern Ontario

July 6 - No vaccines, no public school: is it time for Canada to emulate France?

June 30 - Recommendations for the use of rotavirus vaccines in infants

June 28 - Childhood National Immunization Coverage Survey

June 20 - High Cholesterol Vaccine: Clinical Trial on Humans Begins after Successful Tests on Mice

June 15 - Canada’s 8 component vaccine safety system: A primer for health care workers

June 12 - Canada pledges $75 million (US) as world aims to eradicate polio

June 7 - Alberta Health Services declares whooping cough outbreak in southern Alberta

June 5 - Canadian Immunization Research Network Receives $ 10M From Government of Canada

May 26 - Why Lunenburg County residents want to 'up the priority' on a Lyme disease vaccine

May 25 - Indigenous Researchers Receive $2.6 Million Funding From Merck Canada Inc. for Indigenous Maternal and Child Health Program in Ontario

May 23 - Measles revival reminds business travellers to stay on top of their immunizations

May 19 - Canada ranks well in global health care access study, but room for improvement

May 16 - The doctor is out: How proposed MCP change could affect your flu shot

May 15 - Canadian-developed Ebola vaccine ready if needed for new outbreak in Africa

May 13 - How to improve Canada’s vaccination rate

May 11 - Ottawa among the sites that will test Ebola vaccine in HIV-positive people

May 8 - Now, more than ever, we need a national vaccination plan

May 8 - Alberta Health Services staff fall short of flu vaccination targets...again

May 8 - Measles case at Burnside jail leads to vaccination of inmates, staff

May 5 - About 200 cases of whooping cough reported in Prince Albert health region

May 5 - Get vaccinated, health region says in response to whooping cough outbreak in Prince Albert

May 4 - Boys too: HPV vaccination to be offered to all N.L. students in Grade 6

April 28 - 2 Canadians win Gairdner Awards for contributions to medical science

April 27 - Time to finish the job of eradicating polio

April 25 - UNICEF reaches almost half of the world’s children with life-saving vaccines

April 24 - African countries chosen to test 1st malaria vaccine

April 24 - National Immunization Awareness Week Celebrates Success in Disease Prevention

April 18 - Edmonton Catholic school board wants mandatory vaccinations for all Alberta students

April 13 - WHO and partners provide vaccines to control meningitis C in Nigeria

April 12 - Why Vaccine Skeptics Respond Better to Information Than Shaming

April 10 - Flu shots will be free on P.E.I. next year

March 29 - Measles outbreak in Nova Scotia: what you need to know

March 28 - Canada needs to help with polio eradication

March 28 - Toronto Public Health confirms 21 new cases of mumps

March 28 - Mumps outbreak expanded to entire Edmonton area

March 28 - Three cases of mumps confirmed at Ryerson University

March 24 - Mumps: Canada, the virus and the vaccine and why the comeback

March 23 - Sask. expands HPV vaccine program to include boys

March 22 - One for all, all for one

March 20 - Zika virus could affect Canadians travelling south this winter

March 20 - Canadian scientists discover hepatitis drug slashes Ebola death rate in possible breakthrough

March 18 - Nanoscience discovery leads to quick virus detection and vaccine

March 16 - Deadly history of vaccines highlights how important they are, says author

March 16 - One mumps case confirmed in Ottawa, but no details released

March 16 - Canadian researchers join international fight against Zika

March 15 - 'We've certainly improved the situation': P.E.I. health officials confident in newcomer vaccine uptake

March 13 - Mumps occurring in Hamilton, public health officials confirm

March 13 - 8 new Alberta mumps cases brings this year’s total to 38

March 13 - There are now 37 confirmed cases of mumps in the city: Toronto Public Health

March 13 - Medicine Hat mumps outbreak spreads from Tigers hockey team to broader community

March 12 - More HPV Pathology with Single-Dose Vaccine

March 10 - Saskatoon researchers could be 'a few years' away from Zika vaccine

March 10 - More mumps in Manitoba: 8 cases confirmed in the last week

March 10 - Meredith Wadman’s The Vaccine Race, reviewed: Calling the shots

March 8 - 4,000 elementary students face suspension over vaccine records

March 7 - Biodefense: Canada develops novel live virus smallpox vaccine from horsepox

March 7 - I’m vaccinated but I still got the mumps? Answering 7 common questions about mumps

March 6 - Nunavut promotes vaccinations as protection against mumps

March 6 - Zika in travellers more common, severe than thought

March 4 - Measles may have been spread on cross-Canada West Jet flight

March 3 - 10 days, 8 more cases: Manitoba mumps outbreak continues to spread

March 2 - Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer on mumps outbreaks

February 28 - Sask. health officials brace for mumps

February 28 - Nunavummiut urged to get measles and mumps vaccine before travelling

February 27 - Booster shots for Vancouver Canucks team stricken by mumps

February 27 - Anatomy of a mumps outbreak: Expert advice and all you need to know

February 25 - Public health officials warn Canadians to update vaccines after mumps outbreak strikes in Toronto

February 24 - 17 people now infected amid mumps outbreak, Toronto Public Health confirms

February 22 - Region to scale back travel-related vaccinations

February 21 - Why these 2 small towns in southern Alberta have vastly different vaccination rates

February 20 - Two Malaria vaccines achieve success in early trials

February 19 - A 'no-brainer': N.B. medical community welcomes HPV vaccine for boys

February 18 - Pediatric infectious disease conference highlights vaccination wariness

February 17 - Going The Extra Mile To Vaccinate Children Trapped By Conflict

February 14 - Dr. Marla Shapiro talks shingles vaccine in Brockville

February 14 - Love drug: Canadian researchers are working on a syphilis vaccine

February 14 - Three cases of measles confirmed in Halifax for first time in 9 years

February 13 - Flu spreads across 40 states

February 10 - High-dose flu vaccine for seniors would save lives, says advocacy group

February 9 - Flu vaccine effectiveness 'decent' at 42% this season in Canada, researchers say

February 6 - Algoma Public Health says hepatitis C cases on the rise

February 3 - ‘We should be modelling the way’: flu vaccination rate for SHR providers

February 3 - Ottawa doctor releases sci-fi comic to teach kids about immune system

January 30 - Yellow fever in Brazil sickens more than 100

January 26 - Flu death toll in Alberta reaches 34

January 24 - Montreal children's clinics stop vaccinating kids over fee dispute

January 24 - Ottawa comic book aims to get children vaccinated

January 20 - P.E.I. not ready to fund Fluzone, top doc says

January 19 - Why this flu season seems so much worse than last year's

January 11 - Manitoba doctor pushes for vaccinations amid whooping cough outbreak

January 11 - Unvaccinated infants impacted by whooping cough outbreak in southern Manitoba

January 10 - Trump taps vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to launch review

January 9 - We are one step closer to a vaccine against a dangerous virus

January 9 - Flu vaccination rate for Alberta health-care workers below target

January 7 - Seniors press B.C. government to cover cost of shingles vaccine

January 6 - HPV vaccine will be made available for boys in B.C.

January 4 - GTA emergency rooms dealing with 'record' number of patients

December 30 - Pharmacists help with flu shots in Sask. — but at an added cost

December 29 - Flu season arrives early, slams clinics over holidays

December 29 - Shingles Vaccine Free for Ontario Seniors

December 22 - A mobile app aims to get more kids vaccinated

December 22 - 'Phenomenal news': Large clinical trial confirms Ebola vaccine is highly effective

December 19 - The lowest vaccination rates in the city

December 14 - Canada's top doctor Gregory Taylor retiring

December 14 - Bioterrorism threats: Anthrax vaccine contract, botulism antitoxin approval in Canada

December 13 - Influenza season well underway, set to be the Grinch that steals Christmas: doctors

December 4 - New study shows no link between autism, flu vaccines for pregnant women

December 3 - Ottawa discusses a national drug plan and a large HIV vaccine trial gets underway: CBC's Health Newsletter

December 2 - $15-million donation funds immunization clinic at B.C. Children's Hospital

December 2 - Pangnirtung latest Nunavut community with confirmed whooping cough case

December 1 - Western University-developed HIV vaccine ready for human trials

December 1 - Calgary records province's first flu-related death: Alberta Health Services

December 1 - Pharmacists to Provide Travel Vaccinations to Ontario Patients

November 30 - Whooping cough 'cluster' in Surrey school prompts vaccinations

November 26 - Canadian researchers closer to making universal flu vaccine reality

November 25 - Flu hits Yukon early and hard, with more than 70 cases so far

November 23 - Flu Clinics Attendance Appears Lower

November 21 - GSK files regulatory submission of candidate vaccine for prevention of shingles in Canada

November 21 - Sanofi stopping producing bladder cancer vaccine could prompt 'severe shortage'

November 18 - World's 1st malaria vaccine to start pilot studies in Africa

November 15 - Vaccination rates too low for 'herd immunity' in most Vancouver-area schools, study finds

November 10 - 'Making measles history is not mission impossible,' UNICEF declares

November 7 - Alberta introduces new bill to increase vaccination rates for children

November 2 - Alberta now offering pregnant women in central zone whooping cough vaccine

October 31 - Sask. flu shot to cover 4 strains this season

October 26 - Flu strain stronger, earlier this year, warns B.C. Centre for Disease Control

October 26 - Health Canada advises on increased risk of hemolysis with serogroup B meningococcal vaccination

October 20 - Lack of herd immunity could cause mumps to spread, says province

October 20 - Costco customer upset after company refuses promised hep A booster shot

October 19 - Mouth, throat cancers caused by HPV on the rise, especially among Canadian men

October 18 - Canadians to test Ebola vaccine this fall

October 18 - The End Of Polio Is In Sight

October 18 - 'Horribly sick kids:' Arctic regions have highest infant lung infection rates in world

October 12 - Lifelong flu vaccine moves closer with Canadian research

October 12 - Flu Shot 2016 Update: High-Dose Influenza Vaccine Provides Better Outcomes Than Standard Shot

October 11 - Alberta influenza numbers up but vaccine weeks away

September 30 - Polio-like virus resurfaces in Canada after one-year hiatus

September 30 - Region of the Americas becomes first in world to eradicate measles

September 19 - GSK cuts vaccine price for refugees, bowing to pressure

September 15 - Ontario Making Shingles Vaccine Free for Seniors

September 6 - Canadians stepped up to help lead fight against Ebola

September 5 - Nova Scotia investigating hepatitis A breakout in Halifax-area child care centres

September 5 - Hepatitis A cluster connected to 2 Halifax-area child care centres

September 4 - Health officials investigating 3 measles cases in Ottawa, Lanark County

August 29 - A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate

August 23 - New images show the devastating brain defects Zika is causing in babies’ brains

August 10 - 2,800 local (Waterloo) kids skipping required vaccines

August 9 - Nunavut, Health Canada, step up whooping cough vaccination efforts

August 8 - Flu shot jabs higher when pharmacists give vaccines: Canadian study

August 2 - BC doctor helps Rio athletes avoid zika

August 2 - U of G researcher receives $2 million federal grant to study drug-resistant microbes

July 26 - West Nile virus still a threat in Quebec

July 24 - McMaster researchers take steps towards developing chlamydia vaccine

July 20 - Quebec-made vaccine against zika ready for testing on humans

July 18 - N.B. to increase rabies vaccinations

July 16 - First widely protective vaccine against Chlamydia

July 12 - HIV prevention pill could save health care dollars

July 7 - Alberta study shows HPV vaccine is 'very effective'

July 6 - Rabies vaccine expansion aims to protect St. John River Valley

July 5 - Seven confirmed cases of Zika virus in pregnant women in Canada — but true number may be much higher

June 29 - Ganesh: Access to an effective flu vaccine for seniors could move us towards a national Pharmacare strategy

June 28 - Ontario expands HPV vaccine program to gay, bisexual men

June 17 - Rotavirus vaccines led to big drops in hospitalizations in Ontario: study

June 16 - Dengue in the Americas

June 16 - Antibodies triggered by avian influenza virus vaccine illuminate a new path toward universal flu vaccine

June 15 - Vaccine will spell the end of cervical cancer, experts predict

June 15 - Yellow Fever in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo

June 14 - 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

June 14 - We Finally Know Why Some Canadians Still Refuse To Vaccinate

June 3 - Mumps outbreak In Whistler, B.C. spreads to Metro Vancouver

June 1 - Ontario bill to force parents to take course before exempting children from vaccines won’t pass this spring

May 26 - Flu shot not popular in Manitoba, survey says 3rd lowest in Canada

May 25 - Cancer vaccine breakthrough could fight all types of the disease

May 23 - New strategy could yield more precise seasonal flu vaccine

May 20 - Research behind global switch to new polio vaccine strategy released

May 17 - Lyme disease increase alarms Canada's top doctor

May 16 - HIV vaccine design should adapt as HIV mutates

May 12 - Fighting hospital germs with sugar

May 10 - Zika virus detection broadens to urine test

May 9 - Canada to host Global Fund Replenishment Conference to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

May 4 - Ottawa high school student presents cancer-fighting vaccine at national science fair

May 3 - HPV vaccination rates for boys in Nova Scotia climbing, province says

April 25 - Vaccination rates 'nowhere near' levels needed for protection: Immunize Canada

April 25 - Zika case confirmed in Ontario, may be sexually transmitted

April 22 - Anne Geddes Joins Forces with Paralympic and Elite Para-athletes to Raise Awareness of Meningococcal Disease

April 22 - Immunization mobile app to offer new features to help protect Canadians from infectious diseases

April 22 - Public Health Notice - Outbreak of Hepatitis A infections; consumers advised not to eat Nature's Touch Organic Berry Cherry Blend frozen fruit

April 22 - International Survey Released for World Meningitis Day Shows Parents Feel They Don't Know Enough About the Disease and its Consequences

April 21 - Ontario extending free HPV vaccines to boys

April 19 - Global Public-Private Partnership Announces Publication of Positive Phase 1 Data for Ebola Vaccine Regimen in JAMA

April 18 - Costco to provide free Hep A vaccination clinics after frozen berry recall

April 15 - Zika virus and Guillain-Barré syndrome linked in new CDC study

April 15 - WHO approves World’s First-Ever Dengue Vaccine

April 15 - Two confirmed cases of Zika virus in Manitoba

April 14 - Raccoon Rabies Prevention in Québec - Vaccine Operation in Montérégie and the Eastern Townships from April 19 to 28, 2016

April 11 - For polio vaccines, a worldwide switch to new version

April 11 - Zika's potential to spread in U.S. 'scarier than we initially thought:' CDC

April 4 - Sanofi's Philippine effort marks first public campaign for dengue vaccine Dengvaxia

April 4 - Grown-ups need vaccines too

March 30 - Ontario to resume vaccine plan to stop rabies outbreak in Hamilton

March 29 - More than 100 in Edmonton exposed to measles at Stollery Children's Hospital

March 29 - WHO calls for more oversight in wake of China vaccine arrests

March 27 - Health authorities offering free chicken pox booster shots

March 24 - Possible Zika virus case in Saskatchewan may have been sexually transmitted

March 22 - Angola grapples with worst yellow fever outbreak in 30 years

March 21 - CPhA Welcomes Investments to Improve Health of Canadians in Budget 2016

March 16 - Small U.S. study inspires ‘great confidence’ for dengue vaccine

March 15 - Findings of First Major Typhoid Surveillance Study in Africa Published

March 11 - Passengers on Air China flight 991 to Vancouver at risk of measles

March 9 - Newfoundland and Labrador: Poll shows support for pharmacists but not double-standard flu vaccine coverage

March 8 - Journal permanently spikes Canadian co-authored study critical of HPV vaccine

March 3 - Montreal flu season spikes at 1,200 reported cases in 1 week

March 2 - Rexall Health Chain To Be Sold In $3 Billion Deal With McKesson

March 1 - British woman becomes one of the first cancer patients to be injected with new tumour-destroying vaccine

March 1 - Nunavut's flu season begins as 1st lab-confirmed cases reported

February 29 - Ontario's pharmacists react to the 2016 budget

February 29 - February flu spike in Waterloo region

February 25 - Ouchless measles vaccine could save lives

February 24 - Health officials confirm case of measles in Brampton, Ont.

February 24 - High-Dose Influenza Vaccine Recognized as a New Option with Demonstrated Superior Efficacy* for Adults 65 Years and Older

February 22 - HPV cases drop since vaccinations started

February 18 - 3rd Yellowknife school has case of whooping cough

February 17 - Cancer Treatment: Vaccine using patient’s own cells could stop disease returning “Report”

February 15 - N.W.T.'s top doctor expects flu cases to peak in March

February 12 - Saskatoon health region says it's not too late to get flu shot

February 10 - Sainte-Justine, Montreal Children's hospitals swamped by flu cases

February 10 - Saskatoon Health Region encouraging people to get flu vaccine

February 9 - Fact or Fiction: Is there a link between microcephaly and vaccines?

February 9 - Bexsero vaccine booster effective for waning immunity

February 8 - Could Canadian mosquitoes transmit the Zika virus?

February 8 - Hawaii Island declares state of emergency over dengue fever outbreak

February 3 - Alberta Health Services declares whooping cough outbreak finished

February 2 - City on the brink of a flu epidemic: Toronto Public Health

January 29 - Zika virus confirmed among 4 Canadian travellers

January 29 - 1st case of Zika virus confirmed in Quebec

January 28 - Measles case prompts warning for Calgary area, WestJet flight to Vancouver

January 28 - Dr. James Aw: How Canada is doing its part to reduce the harm caused by non-communicable diseases

January 28 - Zika virus: Canadian-U.S. vaccine could be ready by year's end

January 28 - Zika virus: 6 things to know about the growing outbreak

January 28 - Zika: 3 Canadians infected as WHO warns virus is 'spreading explosively'

January 21 - Brazil strives for Zika virus vaccine

January 21 - Pfizer Canada congratulates the Ontario government for Immunization 2020 strategy

January 20 - Canada to fund polio elimination effort in Pakistan

January 20 - Nanoparticle to be studied as vaccine adjuvant and drug delivery vehicle

January 15 - Hepatitis A confirmed at Wetaskiwin Christmas dinner

January 15 - A to Zika: What you need to know about this spreading virus

January 14 - Five flu deaths prompt Alberta Health Services immunization warning

January 12 - Group B Strep vaccine for pregnant women found safe, effective in Phase 2 trial

January 11 - Hepatitis A outbreak in Dawson Creek, B.C.

January 11 - Public Health Agency of Canada Statement on Manitoba Order of the Buffalo Hunt Award to National Microbiology Laboratory

January 10 - How the province scrambled to stop spread of raccoon rabies

January 8 - Possible measles exposure in Brampton, Mississauga, Peel public health warns

January 8 - Cholera vaccine supply set to double, easing global shortage

January 7 - Janssen to progress collaboration with ViiV Healthcare to develop the first long acting two drug injectable regimen for treatment of HIV infection

January 5 - Governments expand HPV vaccination programs for young men

January 4 - Sudbury firm developing new vaccine

December 23 - VALNEVA provides update on DUKORAL® vaccine in Canada

December 18 - Rabid raccoons trigger vaccine campaign in Ontario

December 18 - Janssen announces collaboration with Bavarian Nordic to develop vaccine for chronic Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infections

December 16 - Flu and gastroenteritis - Effective practices to prevent overcrowding in emergency rooms

December 15 - Vaccine Research and Development - Medicago contributes $500,000 to help establish a Class 3 containment laboratory at Université Laval's research centre

December 11 - Ontario strengthening provincial immunization program: Actions include stronger requirements for school vaccine exemptions

December 10 - Rabies in Ontario - What should we do?

December 9 - Information Update - Gardasil vaccine safety studies show no new risks

December 3 - HPV vaccine for boys coming to Quebec

November 30 - Quebec whooping cough: 5 things to know

November 27 - Canadian doctors to provide Syrian refugees with much-needed health care

November 26 - Whooping cough outbreak reported by Saskatoon Health Region

November 25 - Victorian Order of Nurses Canada shuts operations in six provinces

November 24 - UBC microbiologists to use ‘reverse vaccinology’ to combat Johne's disease, bovine TB

November 23 - Public Health Ontario report highlights vaccine safety

November 23 - Annual Report on Vaccine Safety in Ontario, 2014

November 7 - Surge in whooping cough cases in southern Manitoba

October 29 - Medicago engaged by the Canadian Government to develop Ebola monoclonal antibodies

October 23 - World Polio Day: Fewer children than ever with polio

October 21 - Manitoba: HPV vaccine soon available to males

October 21 - Indigenous people more at risk of getting the flu

October 17 - Outbreak of whooping cough hits Moncton area, 31 cases confirmed

October 16 - Flu shots won't be mandatory for health-care workers in Alberta

October 15 - Alarming new research shows over half of canadians don't plan on getting their flu shot this year

October 15 - Ontario's school-based HPV immunization rates must rise significantly to more effectively prevent cancer cases in adulthood

October 13 - Pfizer touts Trumenba immunogenicity when administered with Menactra, Adacel

October 15 - Canadians enthusiastic users of pharmacy flu vaccinations, Neighbourhood Pharmacies research indicates

October 13 - Malaria vaccine provides hope for a general cure for cancer

October 1 - Summary of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) statement on seasonal influenza vaccine for 2015-2016

October 1 - Four-strain influenza vaccine available this flu season in Public Health programs

September 30 - IPAC Canada statement on arbitration decision regarding Vaccinate or Mask (VOM) Policy

September 16 - Exemptions for Ontario kids not vaccinated for measles stays low

September 16 - Could a vaccine prevent cancer from spreading after surgery?

September 10 - Statement - Health innovation a priority for Ontario, notes national pharmaceutical association

August 18 - Vaccine hesitancy: A growing challenge for immunization programmes

July 31 - WHO-led study shows Canadian-made Ebola vaccine works

June 4 - Doctors lobby calls for mandatory choice vaccines

May 26 - The Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative

May 1 - Government of Canada announces funding to enhance influenza vaccine research and development

NA - PHAC’s Statement on Update on Quadrivalent Meningococcal Vaccines available in Canada

April - (ACS) National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) Statement on Re-Immunization with Polysaccharide 23-Valent Pneumococcal Vaccine (Pneu-P-23)

March 2 - Acadia University's meningitis vaccine numbers released

February 19 - CPhA Statement on Immunization and Public Awareness

February 18 - Acadia University students line up for meningitis vaccinations

February 17 - Health Canada approves new, more potent HPV vaccine

February 13 - Acadia University to immunize students, staff against meningitis B

February 3 - Measles outbreak: Separating the fact from fiction

February 3 - Measles vaccination levels in Canada 'reasonably high'

January 22 - California health officials urge unvaccinated to avoid Disney parks

January 7 - Flu Is Hitting Canada Hard In 2015

January 6 - Ebola vaccine trials in Halifax so far a success, says IWK Health Centre


Past Events


WHA - World Hepatitis Day
July 28

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes places every year on 28 July bringing the world together under a single theme to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis and to influence real change.

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CPHA - Public Health 2023
June 20-22, 2023

Public Health 2023 is the national conference where public health professionals, researchers, policy-makers, academics, students and trainees come together to strengthen efforts to improve health and well-being, to share the latest research and information, to promote best practices and to advocate for public health issues and policies grounded in research.

CPHA will embrace technology and present sessions June 20 - 22 from 11:00-16:30 (Eastern Daylight Time) daily.

Click here to learn more.


Canadian Immunization Conference
April 25 – 27, 2023
Shaw centre, Ottawa

Beyond the pandemic, the strain on public health and health care systems has meant that many routine vaccination programs have not been maintained, and herculean efforts will be required to regain the ground that has been lost. Join experts and thought-provoking speakers at the 2023 Canadian Immunization Conference for a scientific program that will engage and inspire future research, policies, and practices.

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Immunizing children with confidence
September 13, 2022
Canada, Virtual

This Pop-Up will help us capture and imbed our Covid-19 lessons learned into organizational policies, processes, and practices along the continuum of disciplines that feed into the delivery of immunization services for children and youth. Together we can ensure the systemic knowledge, innovation and collaborations created during the COVID-19 pandemic are recorded, incorporated into practice, and nurtured to improve our practices and policies to protect against future destabilizing events.

Click here to learn more.


IPAC Canada 2022 National Education Conference
April 25 – 27, 2022
Virtual Conference

IPAC Canada is a multidisciplinary member-based association committed to public wellness and safety by advocating for best practices in infection prevention and control in all settings.

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Canadian Respiratory Conference (CRC)
April 7 – 9, 2022
Victoria, BC

This meeting has become an annual must-attend educational and scientific event for members of the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS), Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals (CRHP), the Canadian Lung Association (CLA) and others working in respiratory health.

Click here to learn more.


The AMMI Canada- CACMID Annual Conference
April 5 – 8, 2022
Vancouver, BC and Online

The time has come again for us to invite you to the Canadian annual meeting in infectious diseases and diagnostic microbiology. The AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference will return in a hybrid format: in-person in Vancouver, BC and online via our virtual platform.

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Canadian Immunization Conference 2021
December 8-9, 2021
Virtual Event

The conference will embrace technology and present sessions December 8 – 9 from 10:30 - 17:45 (Eastern Standard Time) daily where over 600 participants will connect, collaborate, share and learn. The Organizing Committee engages with experts and thought-provoking speakers to develop an innovative scientific program that will challenge participants to inspire future research, policies, and practices.

Click here to learn more.


Children’s Healthcare Canada Conference
November 22-26, 2021
Virtual Event

In a continued effort to keep our delegates and their families safe and closer to the patients they are caring for, our event this year will leverage digital technology to bring you face to face with thought leaders and influencers in children’s health. The event is being closely planned with our “local” co-host, the Children's Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre, along the theme of “From Crisis to Catalyst: The Next Chapter for Children's Healthcare”.

Click here to learn more.


National Infection Control Week
October 18-22, 2021
U.S. and Canada

The third week in October is designated as National Infection Control Week (NICW) in Canada and the U.S. In Canada, Infection Control Week originated in 1988 to highlight infection control efforts in Canadian hospitals, long-term care facilities and in the community. It was an opportunity for infection control professionals to educate staff and the community about the importance of infection prevention and to promote the important work that was being done by infection control professionals in a visible and fun way.

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Public Health 2021
October 6-8, 2021
Virtual Event

Public Health 2021 is the national conference where public health professionals, researchers, policy-makers, academics, students and trainees come together to strengthen efforts to improve health and well-being, to share the latest research and information, to promote best practices and to advocate for public health issues and policies grounded in research.

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Federation of Medical Women of Canada: Virtual AGM and Educational Conference
October 1-2, 2021
Virtual Event

The Federation of Medical Women of Canada’s Annual General Meeting and Educational Assembly is the annual event where we welcome physicians at all stages of their careers, as well as medical students and residents, and provide opportunities to enhance their clinical expertise with practical tools, to grow their networks, and to celebrate physician leadership.

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World Rabies Day
September 28, 2021

World Rabies Day was created to raise awareness and advocate for rabies elimination globally and is designed to unite all people, organizations, and stakeholders against rabies. World Rabies Day is held every year on September 28. This date was chosen as it is the anniversary of the death of Louis Pasteur – the first person to successfully create a vaccine against rabies.

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World Hepatitis Day
July 28, 2021

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes places every year on 28 July bringing the world together under a single theme to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis and to influence real change. In 2021 the theme is ‘Hepatitis Can’t Wait’. On World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, we call on people from across the world to take action and raise awareness of hepatitis because Hepatitis Can’t Wait.

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CPS Virtual Conference 2021
June 22-25, 2021

Join us Tuesday, June 22 to Friday, June 25, 2021 and experience the same great content, top notch research, and some novel networking activities, all from the comfort of your home/office. The daily schedule will accommodate all time zones and you don't have to miss any concurrent presentations because they will be available on-demand after the conference. Who should attend? Paediatricians, Family physicians, Nurses and nurse practitioners, Health professionals. Stay tuned - more details coming soon!

Click here to learn more.


National Nursing Week
May 10 -16, 2021

The National Nursing Week annual celebrations take place from the Monday to the Sunday of the same week as Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12. Theme: the theme for 2021 has not yet been determined. CNA will announce the details at a later date.

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IPAC Canada 2021 National Education Conference
May 3-5, 2021

IPAC Canada is a multidisciplinary member-based association committed to public wellness and safety by advocating for best practices in infection prevention and control in all settings.

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month
May 2021

The natural world is a beautiful place, and not always the friendliest place around. Could be why we spent thousands of years making it so we didn't have to go outside. One such danger is Lyme Disease, and for those who spend time out in the wild (especially campers and hunters) it's a danger they face every time they get an unwanted passenger in the form of a tick. Lyme Disease Awareness Month reminds us to be vigilant, and to spread awareness to help save lives.

Click here to learn more.


The AMMI Canada - CACMID Annual Conference
April 25-30, 2021

Mark your calendars, warm up your comfy chair and upgrade your internet - the AMMI Canada-CACMID Annual Conference is going VIRTUAL! The AMMI Canada–CACMID Annual Conference is the premiere national meeting in infectious diseases and diagnostic microbiology. The AMMI Canada-CACMID Annual Conference will be taking place in 2021 virtually April 25 to 30. Using the latest virtual conference technology, we will be bringing the education and networking to you. We look forward to “seeing” you in the Spring!

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World Hearing Day 2021: Hearing care for all
March 3, 2021

World Hearing Day 2021 marks the launch of the World Report on Hearing, presenting a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases across the life course. The theme of the World Hearing Day is: ”Hearing care for ALL! Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate”. The World Hearing Day 2021 and the World Report on Hearing present a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases across the life course.

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Extraordinary meeting of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE)
January 5, 2021

This extraordinary virtual meeting for the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) will be held on Tuesday 05 January 2021 to propose recommendations to WHO on the use of COVID-19 vaccine(s).

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