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In the spirit of Immunization Awareness, we wish to highlight an online Canadian historical exhibition on “Vaccines and Immunization” created by the Museum of Health Care of Kingston.

Shining the light on the epidemics, prevention and Canadian innovations for four vaccines (smallpox, diphtheria, poliomyelitis and pertussis), the exhibition’s goal is “to look back on the unique Canadian experience with these diseases and their personal impact before the vaccines became available, focus the spotlight on the major role Canadian scientists played in their development, production and use, and underscore their public health importance in preventing, controlling or eradicating these diseases.” Click here to visit the online exhibit “Vaccines and Immunization”.

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Thanks to the effectiveness of a widely adopted vaccination program, today polio is largely forgotten instead of feared.

When people become complacent and no longer observe vaccine recommendations, their community (think herd) can lose that level of protection.

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