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This fall season you will want to catch a flight, not the flu! Vaccines411 wants to make sure you are flu-free and flight-ready by giving you a few flu prevention tips as well as the chance to win a trip to Varadero, Cuba!

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We would like to thank Air Transat and the Ocean Vista Azul hotel for making this possible, and our advertisers and sponsors for their continued support. Thank you to everyone who visits our website to access the vaccinating clinic directory and vaccine information.

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Flu prevention tips quiz

Up to _______people worldwide get the flu every year.


If you are ______, stay home and avoid coming in contact with other people until your symptoms disappear.


Touching your eyes, nose or _______ are the easiest ways for germs to get into your body.


Wash your _________. Wash them often with soap and water.


Keep ________ clean. Keep common ________ and items clean and disinfected.


Get __________. Getting __________ every year is the best protection against the flu.




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