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The Science of Prevention

Participate in our fall contest for a chance to win 1 of 4 $50 Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards!

Vaccines411 is embracing the winds of change with their fall contest, “The Science of Prevention”.

Vaccines play a key role early on in our lives. As children, our parents cuddled us reassuringly as we received a quick injection at the pediatrician’s, desperate to distract us from impending pain. All jokes aside, though, in our first months and years of life, vaccines contributed to our likelihood of infant survival.

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Age Group


Roughly how many deaths worldwide are prevented through immunization every year?


How long could a vaccine go through vigorous testing before they’re even cleared to go to market?


How do vaccines contribute to a better quality of life?


Fill in the blank: “What used to be the leading causes of death in the world is now only _____ of all deaths in Canada.”


Have you or would you refer a friend or family member to Vaccines411.ca?


Where do you go when you need a vaccine?


Are your vaccines up to date?


Do you visit a travel clinic before you travel?




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