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Safe Summer Fun is in the Spotlight

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Calling all summer campers out there! Vaccines411 wants to help you and your kids stay healthy while exploring the beautiful outdoors or traveling abroad. The Vaccines411 team has compiled for you a list of tips and resources, as well as an article on Meningitis – Get the facts! to keep you and your loved ones protected this summer while traveling.

Stay away from any disease and enjoy the summer breeze!

Top resources to keep your family protected this summer:

  • Health tips this summerGovernment of Quebec
    Find all the tips and tricks here and read about sunburn, oppressive heat, bathing waters, toxic and allergenic plants, bed bugs, diseases transmitted by mosquito bites and Lyme disease.
  • Vaccinate your pre-teen this summerCDC
    Because most preteens get their shots in the month of August before school begins, it can be difficult to get in to see your child’s doctor or nurse. Make an appointment to get your child vaccinated earlier this summer and beat the back-to-school rush!
  • Beware of mosquito Bites!Vaccines411
    We wish to put the spotlight on mosquito-borne diseases and provide helpful information that you can use to stay protected at home and abroad.
  • Your health this summerHealthLink BC
    It’s the season for picnics, barbeques, hiking, camping, swimming, and more! Learn what you can do to stay safe and healthy this summer.
  • Lyme disease resourcesVaccines411
    This is the place for useful tips, articles, and resources to help you stay informed regarding Lyme disease.
  • Your Survival Guide to Safe and Healthy TravelCDC
    Whatever your reason for traveling, the information on this page will help you be Proactive, Prepared, and Protected when it comes to your health – and the health of others – while you are traveling.
  • Tips for healthy travel with childrenHealth Canada
    Children (those under the age of 15) make up a small but important group of travelers. Their smaller bodies and developing immune systems make their travel health needs unique. Learn more by reading this article!
  • Summer of adventuresHealth Canada
    Will your summer travel adventures include sports, expeditions, a voyage of self-discovery or group travel? Think safety first.

Articles of interest:

  • Meningitis – Get the facts!Vaccines411
    What is meningitis? Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord. Read the article to learn more!
  • What vaccines should a child have for summer camp?Passport Health
    The weather might be freezing and summer only seems like a dream, but it’s not too early to plan for the warmer season.
  • Stay safe this summerReduce your risks for Zika and tetanus
    Whether you are gardening at home this summer or vacationing in warmer climes, enjoy time outdoors knowing you have done all you can to keep yourself and your family safe.
  • Travel Smart: Get Vaccinated!CDC
    International travel can be a fun and enriching experience, but it can also pose health risks. The type of risks you might face during travel depend on a number of things including: where you are traveling, your activities while traveling, the state of your health and your vaccination history.
  • Traveling with ChildrenCDC
    If you are planning to travel to another country with your kids, be familiar with the risks of travel to help them stay safe and healthy.
  • Does your Back-to-School checklist include vaccination?CDC As a parent, making sure your children are vaccinated on time is an important step toward ensuring their long-term health. Vaccination also helps protect the health of classmates, friends, relatives and others in the community.

Infographics and videos:

Make Sure Vaccination is on your Back-to-School List! – CDC – 0:47
Healthy Canadians

CDC Travelers’ Health Website Guide –CDC
Click here to learn more!

International Travel and Measles –CDC
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#VaccinesWork to Leave No One Behind –WHO
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