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Educational Videos


Here is our selection of recommended vaccination videos that are available on the World Wide Web. Take a look and help us spread the word. Immunization is a group effort. Share the Vaccines411 video page with family and friends and help us in our immunization awareness effort.

Which one is your favorite video? Are there other videos that you would like to ?

Help Prevent Meningitis and Just Get Vaccinated! - 2:28
Stay tick-free - Tips to prevent Lyme disease - 1:35
Healthy Canadians
Enjoy the outdoors, without a tick - 2:34
Healthy Canadians
Vaccine Safety - 1:52
Immunize Canada
Get Vaccinated and Prevent Measles - 1:02
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
My Brain and Me – Chelsea’s Story - 8:22
The Encephalitis Society
The 6 things you need to know about HPV - 2:10
The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada
Vaccination: Are we there yet? - 1:54
Healthy Canadians
Vaccine Safety in Canada - 1:46
Public Health Agency of Canada
Vaccine advice: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace) - 17:56
CBC News
How can vaccines help beat superbugs? - 2:15
Protect your family from the flu - 2:24
Canadian Paediatric Society
Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body - 3:38
The History of Vaccines - 3:12
Killer Infographics
World Health Day 2014: Small bite, big threat - 0:46
World Health Organization
How do vaccines work? - 4:35
Influenza - 1:00
How are Vaccines Developed - 1:39
Vaccines Today
Protect Yourself Against Tetanus - 1:03
Vaccines, Herd Immunity and Gummy Bears, Oh My! - 2:45
NOVA: Immunity and Vaccines Explained - 2:11
NOVA: Vaccines - Calling the Shots - 53:10
The Flu: Don't Pass It On! - 1:25
Government of Canada
A Tale of Two Mothers - 2:35
Little Children, Big Dreams - 1:24
Jennifer Lopez Fights (Pertussis) Whooping Cough - 1:28
Sounds of Pertussis
Surgeon General and Elmo Team Up to Talk Vaccinations - 2:53
The Daily Dot
Rick Mercer: Rick's Rant - Flu Shot - 1:54
Rick Mercer
Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease - 9:51
Anne Geddes
Should you get the HPV vaccine? - 8:47
Doc Mike Evans
WHO Prevent Protect Immunize - 1:51
Immunize For Good - How Vaccines Work - 1:59
Rabble Dev
How The Flu Vaccine Works - 0:49