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The annual flu season is here.
How can you help protect


  • Seniors aged 65 and older have the highest rate of hospitalization and death.
  • Seniors, particularly those with chronic medical conditions – such as heart or lung disease, or diabetes – may be at increased risk of complications from the flu, such as pneumonia or respiratory distress.

Getting the seasonal flu vaccine is a generally safe,
long-lasting and effective way to reduce the risk of influenza.

“Among adults aged 65 or older, studies show that regular
vaccine effectiveness is about half of that of healthy adults.”


  • FLUAD® is an influenza virus vaccine specifically designed for adults aged 65 or older to help keep people from developing the flu or to reduce flu symptoms.
    – FLUAD® will not treat influenza or its complications, including related-hospitalizations and death, and does not protect against the common cold.
  • FLUAD® contains an adjuvant:
    – An adjuvant is a substance that is added to a vaccine to enhance the immune response.
  • FLUAD® significantly increases your immune response vs. a standard vaccine (without adjuvant)
  • Only one dose of FLUAD® is required and it can be given at the same time as other vaccines.
  • Keep in mind it takes 2-3 weeks after vaccination for your body to develop protection against the flu.

FLUAD® is backed by a long history of global experience, with more than 90 million doses administered worldwide since 1997.

FLUAD® is generally well tolerated. The most common side effects are pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site, fever, feeling unwell, shivering, tiredness, headache, sweating, and muscle and joint pain and warmth. Side effects normally disappear without treatment after a day or two. Allergic reactions may occur.

FLUAD® should not be used in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to egg proteins or other components of the vaccine, any of the non-medicinal ingredients or in people who have had a life-threatening reaction to previous influenza vaccination. As with any vaccine, FLUAD® may not protect 100% of individuals against the flu. If Guillain-Barré syndrome has occurred within six weeks of previous influenza vaccination, the decision to give FLUAD® should be based on careful consideration of the potential benefits and risks.

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