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Flu season is in the Spotlight

Preparing for a vacation? Get your travel vaccines before you go

With winter’s seemingly endless days of darkness and sub-zero temperatures, we’re all tempted to click that “BOOK NOW!” button for a getaway towards anywhere but here. Before flocking towards sunnier shores, though, ask yourself this crucial question: are my travel vaccines up to date? If the answer is no, you’ll definitely want to consider adding immunizations to your to-do list: outbreaks at home are often tied to people who have been exposed to illnesses overseas.

Adequate immunization prior to travelling abroad means you don’t have to worry about coming home with more than you bargained for! Take the necessary precautions while you’re away with these common travel vaccines...  Read more

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How to survive the winter season with children in daycare

Popularized by fantasy TV series Game of Thrones, this quote brings relatable doom and gloom to Canadians everywhere: Winter is coming. However, parents and caregivers with daycare-aged children everywhere might be bracing themselves for worse: Winter viruses are coming. Having a sick child means dwindling childcare options when they can’t go to daycare, and interruptions to the parents’ or caregivers’ work schedule, all while expecting to get sick eventually, too.

Though having kids in daycare often feels like a revolving door of runny noses and warm foreheads, do not despair. Here are immunizations and hygienic practices for the most common cold weather viruses that could give you the peace you need when...  Read more

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