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This is the place to find lots of useful tips, articles, and resources to help you stay informed and healthy during flu season. Vaccines411 provides addresses and contact information for over 5,000 flu clinics, so you will know where to go for immunizations to help prevent the flu and other contagious illnesses that can spread during flu season.

As well, we have gathered a variety of reliable resources and information on influenza for the flu season. Click on the links below to learn more about influenza, including what causes the flu, how to identify flu symptoms, what can put you and your family at increased risk for the flu, influenza prevention measures, and tips for managing the flu if you or a family member catch it.

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Flu-pneumococcal Vaccines - The sneezy season is right around the corner – it begins in November and runs through into March. Is your family ready? More time indoors means increased exposure to the germs that cause influenza, and pneumonia, a common and potentially serious complication of the flu. Not sure if you should get the flu or pneumococcal vaccinations? – Vaccines411

  • Pneumococcal Disease – Pneumococcal bacteria are the most common cause of bacterial infections in children and a frequent cause of infections in adults. – PHAC
  • How the flu shot can help each member of your family – Influenza is a common and easily spread virus – with fall here and winter approaching, now is the time to take action to protect your family from an illness that for some, can have serious complications – Vaccines411
  • Survive Flu Season Even in a Crowd – Autumn can bring a surge of infectious illnesses, especially when people gather in enclosed spaces like school, the mall and public transit. Every autumn, we begin to fear the flu. This contagious respiratory infection is caused by the influenza virus, which evolves and may bring new strains into circulation. – Vaccines411
  • Influenza in Children - Influenza outbreaks happen every year, usually between November and April. Because influenza viruses change – often from year to year – people don’t stay immune for very long. That’s why people can catch the flu more than once. The term “seasonal flu” is used for the influenza viruses that spread every year. – Caring for Kids
  • Should I get a seasonal flu shot? - You may be thinking about getting vaccinated against the flu this year. Considering that 10% to 20% of Canadians will be affected by the influenza virus each year, that's not a bad idea. – Canoe
  • Why Everyone – Even Healthy Adults Should Get the Flu Shot - It's that time of year again. And if you're thinking of skipping out on your annual flu vaccination, you should seriously reconsider. – Business Insider
  • Q: It seems like every year there’s a new strain of flu circulating. How does this happen and is it a cause for concern? - A: It’s a common misconception that a new strain of flu develops every year. – Montreal Children’s Hospital
  • Cold and Flu - The most effective way to decrease complications and reduce the impact of the flu is to give a preventative vaccine shot. – Montreal Children’s Hospital
  • True or false? Antibiotics will cure the flu. - False. Antibiotics have no effect against a viral illness like the flu. Rest and fluids are recommended. – Montreal Children’s Hospital

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